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1. Attach the tool to a 1/4” male  are  tting, thumb tight
2. With the valve open, completely push extractor rod in and grab the valve core head
3. Turn the extractor knob counter-clockwise to unscrew the core
4. Pull the extractor knob back as far as possible to close the valve
5. Close the valve completely with a clockwise turn of the handle
6. Remove the rear coupler, extractor rod and valve core
With the valve core removed, the system can be accessed through the rear  tting of the core removal tool, as well as the side port on the CD3930 or CD3910
7. To replace a valve core, attach coupler on extractor rod to rear  tting on tool, thumb tight
8. Open valve completely with counter-clockwise turn of the handle
9. Push extractor rod in and secure valve core in  tting by turning clockwise
The BV-CRT works the same as our original CRT. It removes a valve core from a 1/4” male  are access  tting without loss of refrigerant. Because it has a ball valve inside rather than a stem-type valve, the tool can be closed with just a quarter turn.
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Ball Valve Core Removal Tool
The original CRT has been improved with a ball valve design
Two BV-CRT models from which to choose
More durable with a stainless steel ball and brazed side  tting
Compact size for working in close quarters
Works with existing CRT accessories
More convenient to use
With the valve core out, many operations can be performed including:
• Replacing a bad core
• Adding or removing refrigerant
• Measuring internal temperature (CD3975 required)
• Measuring system pressure by attaching a gauge to the side port of CD3930
PART# CD3975 PKG QTY: 1 – Internal Temperature Thermometers PART# CD3916 PKG QTY: 1 – Thread Chaser
PART# CD3915 PKG QTY: 1 – Pick
PART# CD5577 PKG QTY: 1 – Extractor Rod
PART# CD3090 PKG QTY: 1 – Tube Piercing attachment
PART# CD3920 PKG QTY: 1 BV-CRT for 1/4”  are connections
PART# CD3930 PKG QTY: 1 BV-CRT for 1/4”  are connections and has
1/4” male  are side
access port
PART# CD3956 PKG QTY: 1 BV-CRT for 5/16”  are connections and has
1/4” male  are side
Front Coupler
Side Port 1/4” Flare
Rear Coupler Extractor Rod
access port
Valve Handle

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