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      PART# CD1446 PKG QTY: 1 1/4” female swivel  are x 1/4” female swivel  are—No depressor tips
PART# CD1450 PKG QTY: 2 1/4” male  are access x 1/4” female  are adapter, with one valve core and copper gasket
PART# CD1454 PKG QTY: 2 1/4” male  are swivel nut x 1/4” access with installed valve core, all brass tube has depressor tip
PART# CD2594 PKG QTY: 2 1-1/4” piece of 1/4” copper tubing, double  ared on one end with a 1/4” female  are nut and a depressed tip
PART# CD2595 PKG QTY: 2 The same as CD2594, only the end of the copper tube opposite the female  are has been swaged to allow 1/4” copper tube inserted for brazing
PART# CD2597 PKG QTY: 2 The same as CD2594, only a 1/4” male  are  tting has been brazed on. A core may be inserted in the 1/4” male  are, but not provided
For special OEM needs, we can extend the copper tubing to any length
PART# CD2613 PKG QTY: 1 Two 1/4” female connections with o-ring seals and 1/4” male  are (without core) at right angle for connecting needs
PART# CD5044 PKG QTY: 1 On the branch is a 1/4” male  are, no core, and the other end a 1/4” female  are swivel with an o-ring seal
PART# CD8725 PKG QTY: 2 The CD8725 has a gasket in the 1/4” hex nut. The valve body is stationary. When threads of existing system  ttings are stripped and anew core won’t go in, use this. It has a core and no depressor tip
PART# CD9640 PKG QTY: 1 Two 1/4” male  ares, one with core in a U shape—at the side is a 1/4” female  are with depressor tip
PART# CD9644 PKG QTY: 1 Same as CD9640, with the addition of a 1/4” male  are opposite the 1/4” female  are
C&D Valve manufactures custom components and assemblies for both OEM and after-market applications. Let us know what you need regardless of the volume and we’ll see what we can do for you.
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