• CD9510SVK

    Access fitting service kit, includes: CD5050 (1), CD3805 (1), CD9603 (1), CD9611 (1), CD8403 (3), CD8404 (3), CD8405 (3), CD8408 (3), CD3813 (1), CD2056 (1), CD2245 (6)

  • CD2056

    5/16″ f. flare swivel w/ depressor tip and seal x 1/4″ m. flare access with 45 deg bend

  • CD3805

    Plastic tube container with six valve cores and one core wrench tool

  • CD5577

    Replacement rod and chuck for Core Removal Tools

  • CD5560

    Replacement shut-off stem for CD3900 and CD3910

  • CD5555

    Replacement o-rings for Core Removal Tools

  • CD5171

    “Sure Seal” repair kit: o-rings, washer, valve depressor, spring

  • CD5060

    Reduced size thumb-screw flow-control valve for 5/16″ m. flare access fitting

  • CD5050

    Reduced size thumb-screw flow-control valve for 1/4″ m. flare access fitting

  • CD5014

    1/4″ m. flare x 1/4″ f. flare with floating core depressor, use when normal depressor tips do not make contact