• Tube Straightener

    Sizes O.D Part No. 1/4’’ (6mm) CD140-TS 3/8’’ (10mm) CD380-TS 1/2’’ (13mm) CD120-TS 5/8’’ (16mm) CD580-TS

  • HYDRA-XP9 Hydraulic Expander 1/4 – 1 5/8”

    Description Part No. HYDRA-XP9 Hydraulic Expander CD1405-HYE

  • Solenoid Service Magnet

    Description Part No. Solenoid Service Magnet CD1306-SM

  • HYDRA-MB7 Hydraulic Bender

    Description Part No. HYDRA-MB7 Hydraulic Bender CD1394-HYB

  • Fastap™ Tube Piercing Pliers

    Part No. BAG QTY Description CD4311 1 Fast refrigerant recovery with pliers that clamp on and pierce tube. Works on tubing sizes from 1/4” to 7/8”. Pliers are simple to use and light weight. Piercing tip is self sharpening, but also easily replaceable. CD4314 1 Replacement piercing tip CD4315 2 Replacement gaskets for pliers

  • Digital Torque Wrench

    Part No. Square Drive Max. Torque CD1356-DTW 3/8” 85 N-m / 62.7 ft-lb / 752 in-lb / 867kg-cm   Accuracy Torque Measuring Range (N-m) Length B +/-2%-CW / +/- 3%-CCW 4.2~85 10.63in (270mm)

  • Turbo Flow Hoses

    Description Part No. Turbo Flow 72’’ 3/8 Vacuum Hose CD380-VH72 Turbo Flow 60’’ 3/8 Vacuum Hose CD380-VH60 Turbo Flow 72’’ 3/8 x 1/4 Vacuum Hose CD140-VH72 Turbo Flow 60’’ 3/8 x 1/4 Vacuum Hose CD140-VH60

  • Velo-X Twin Recovery Unit

    Part No. TER-100-A2L Suitability All standard A2L and A3 applications

  • Elite Flow Series A2L/A3

    Description Elite Flow 1.5 A2L/A3 Elite Flow 5 A2L/A3 Elite Flow 9 A2L/A3 Model / Part No. TEP-310-A2L TEP-141-A2L TEP-231-A2L   Suitability All   All standard A2L and A3 applications

  • Colt 18v Battery Vacuum Pump

    Description Part No. Colt 18v Battery Vacuum Pump TEP-150CP-A2L